Poetry Corner

I shall post my poems here. :)

Die Kirsche
Cherry blossoms
in the darkness
under the surface
hidden secret
choking my heart
fear and anxiety
tearing my mind
broken charm
the bitterness


Far away
You are so far away
like a drop in the ocean
among other beauties,
so far away from me
like a feather on the sky
wind has blown it high,
far away from me.


You tell me
how beautiful life is
when love is
all you can see
in my eyes and
you keep telling me
we are the luckiest,
having each other


The pieces of the letter
falling down on me,
laughing at me,
showing the world
how I failed again
when all I had to do
was to be there
and never let her down.

The pieces of her picture
burning my skin
when I touch them,
tears running down
on my dry lips,
behind the sad whispers
of apology.

If what I did was right
why isn't she here
why am I crying
who ripped my heart out?

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