So much to tell part 2

(I thought I had lost this but apparently I hadn't...So here is the original)

As I said in my last post, I had to move out from my aunt's apartment and since I couldn't find nice and affordable apartment, not miles away from my school I moved in a dorm. Shocking, I know. It wasn't my first choice but now I'm pretty happy to live here. I share a room with Christa who is super nice. She studies IR and she is the most extrovert person I've ever met. She literally knows everyone in this dorm. We share kitchen with 8 other people: Jared, Brian, Louis, Adam, Morgan, Matt, Tara and Erica. It's nice to have company but I kind of miss the privacy. I mean I never get to be alone. Christa is pretty much all the time in our room studying. So if I want to be alone, I have to lock myself in the bathroom. lol

I wish it was Monday already! Not because I want to go to school but because on Monday we will finally find out if our little one is boy or girl! I'm so excited! I couldn't wait five more months. It's hard enough to wait that much to finally meet the little one but that's something I have to live with.

I've been listing names for the baby and have also done some wedding planning. Yes, you heard me. The date is set but I am not going to reveal it yet. You have to wait few more months. I don't want to jinx it!

So much to tell...

...but I'm too lazy/too annoyed. I wrote loooooong post and then my laptop decided to turn itself off. Nice job. I'm not going to write it all again but I'm going to tell you the main news:

Número uno: On Monday, we'll find out if our little one is girl or boy! No need to say that I'm super excited!

Número dos: I live in a dorm. With a roomie. And share kitchen with 9 people. And I like it.

Número tres: I'm changing my major. Don't ask details, I do not know yet.

Número cuatro: We are planning our wedding. The date is set but I won't reveal it quite yet.

I think that was pretty much it.

Love & Rockets,
Samantha May
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