Little girl

It feels like it's been ages since my last post. On 19th of March we found out our baby is GIRL so I instantly started choosing names. Here is my top 10 list:

Abigail Savannah
Ellen Alexandra
Dakota Faye Annabel
Grace Marta Rebecca
Sophia Gabriella
Leah Avery
Chelsea Elisa
Dawn Ashleigh
Caitlyn Maddison
Audrey May

At the moment my favorite is probably either Leah Avery or Sophia Gabriella. I'm not sure if I want to name my daughter after any of our family members. Possible names from my family are Anna (my mom's middle name) and Vanessa (my cousin's middle name) and from Bastian's family Graciela (his sister's middle name), Lucia (his mom's first name, pronounced loo-CHEE-a) and Marta (his grandma's first name). I've actually fallen in love with the name Graciela.

Gotta go sleep now, but I'll let you know when we've decided the name!


So much to tell part 2

(I thought I had lost this but apparently I hadn't...So here is the original)

As I said in my last post, I had to move out from my aunt's apartment and since I couldn't find nice and affordable apartment, not miles away from my school I moved in a dorm. Shocking, I know. It wasn't my first choice but now I'm pretty happy to live here. I share a room with Christa who is super nice. She studies IR and she is the most extrovert person I've ever met. She literally knows everyone in this dorm. We share kitchen with 8 other people: Jared, Brian, Louis, Adam, Morgan, Matt, Tara and Erica. It's nice to have company but I kind of miss the privacy. I mean I never get to be alone. Christa is pretty much all the time in our room studying. So if I want to be alone, I have to lock myself in the bathroom. lol

I wish it was Monday already! Not because I want to go to school but because on Monday we will finally find out if our little one is boy or girl! I'm so excited! I couldn't wait five more months. It's hard enough to wait that much to finally meet the little one but that's something I have to live with.

I've been listing names for the baby and have also done some wedding planning. Yes, you heard me. The date is set but I am not going to reveal it yet. You have to wait few more months. I don't want to jinx it!

So much to tell...

...but I'm too lazy/too annoyed. I wrote loooooong post and then my laptop decided to turn itself off. Nice job. I'm not going to write it all again but I'm going to tell you the main news:

Número uno: On Monday, we'll find out if our little one is girl or boy! No need to say that I'm super excited!

Número dos: I live in a dorm. With a roomie. And share kitchen with 9 people. And I like it.

Número tres: I'm changing my major. Don't ask details, I do not know yet.

Número cuatro: We are planning our wedding. The date is set but I won't reveal it quite yet.

I think that was pretty much it.

Love & Rockets,
Samantha May


Too long silence

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't updated my blog in ages. A lot has happened since the last post. First of all, we got engaged few weeks ago! <3 Sebastian, I love you. And the second HUGE change in my life is....*drums please* I'm pregnant! Definitely not what I had planned but I'm not going to complain. Much. Lol. Although I wouldn't mind to get rid of morning sickness but at least I'm not vomiting all the time anymore. Think positive, stay pretty! ;)

I still love college and living in London. Now I just need to find new apartment since my aunt is coming back from US. I guess I could stay with her if I can't find affordable apartment before she comes back. It wouldl feel weird though. I'm so used to live on my own. But we'll see how this situation changes.

Couple more weeks and we will find out wether our little one is boy or girl! Bastian is sure it's a girl. :) I'm sure I will go shopping for baby clothes right after the ultrasound. I've been already checking some stores like Gap and H&M and they have so cute clothes for the little ones! It's like heaven. Soon I have to also buy some maternity clothes since I'm starting to get a baby bump.

Gotta go now! I'm in Birmingham and I promised I wouldn't spend whole night on the computer...

Love & Rockets,


I've been MIA

I am so sorry I have been MIA past weeks. I didn't mean to do that but at first I was so upset about my dad and then we had Fresher's Week and now school has started and suddenly I'm super busy. Now I finally managed to find time to update my blog!

As I said, school has started and so far I love it. I don't remember if I've mentioned that I study English and Film Studies here in London. This is my first year and also my first week of college so I'm a bit confused and over-excited from time to time. :) It takes me about 25 minutes to get to school from my apartment. First I walk to the tube station which takes like 5 minutes and then it takes 15 minutes by tube to the other station and then I have to walk 2 more minutes to get to our campus. So it's not too far away, is it?

This year I have to take 8 modules, 6 in English and 2 in Film Studies. All of them sound so much fun. Like Reading Poetry or Writing London. I don't know if they really are fun but I'll find that out sooner or later. :) I really think I'm in right place here. I enjoy walking around the campus and I've got so many new friends already.

Oh crap, now I need to go! I have to get ready for a party!

Love & Rockets
Samantha May


Daddy, how can you walk out on me now?

How could he does this to me, his own daughter? I know I haven't been part of his life before this but that's not my fault. I didn't know I was adopted until this summer. I'm happy I have great, loving family but it still hurts. I know I don't need him but what if I want to know him? Maybe he could tell me something about my mom too. My family won't talk about her. They don't understand I need to know.

Thank you all who have been there for me. Special thanks for my lovely friends on MCMB! You rock!


Over the rainbow

My lovely little doggie is now gone.

I miss him.

Thank god I still have my little ones, CeeCee

and Flow

Aren't they cute?
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