I'm trying to find my way

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted anything in ages but I've been busy. Okey, not really. But I got new job and Bastian was here and...endless excuses! Anyway, now I'm here and I'm going to tell you something about me. As you may know, I'm short (around 5'1") and finding clothes that fit is sometimes almost impossible. Couple of months ago my friend told me about this awesome site. Before entering that site I had no idea what my body shapy was, what colours suit me or what my face shape was. Maybe it was good, maybe not. Either way now I know those things and it's easier to decide what to wear or buy. So I have round face, rectangular body and my colour palette is Soft Summer. Before this I was so interested in fashion but now that I know what suits me, I also care about it more.

I still do have a problem with finding clothes small enough. Shortening hemlines isn't my favorite past time, you know. Thank god I live in UK now and we have stores that sell petite fashion (e.g. Miss Selfridge's). I've also learned to love Gap jeans which is good because Gap sells also short leg jeans. I couldn't live without those! Now I sound like some kind of paid blogger but I'm not. So I'm just telling how I feel and although I wouldn't mind if they paid me for doing so, they don't.

Susie, are you happy now?

Love & Rockets
Sammie May


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