Fresh start

I've been writing a blog for almost 2 years now and my non-Finnish friends have complained that they don't understand Finnish so here you go guys. My spelling is pretty bad, sorry for that. I speak better English than I write. I never choose correct preposition and I really think they're useless. :D I use too much smileys, sorry for that too if it's annoying.

Spanish Steps

At the moment I'm in Rome, sitting in a lovely café near Piazza di Spagna. It's, by the way, my fave place here. It's fun to sit on Spanish Steps and watch people. My second fave place here is Fontana di Trevi. Always when I'm in Rome, I go and throw a coin in to the fountain, to be ensured a return to Rome. :)

Fontana di Trevi

I've taken those photos today. Please don't copy them without my permission! Now I drink my latte macchiato and then I go and take some more photos! Ciao bellas!


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