Who says you're not perfect?

I'm on my way to the airport (Fiumicino) with my bf and his family. I'm so glad this visit is over although I don't wanna go back to home. It has been exhausting to act like normal person. Just kidding! For reals we had to sleep in different rooms and all we get to do when his parents were there was hold hands. Of course we tried to spend as much time as possible outside to house alone. ;)

Day 11 - A picture of your favorite drink

Picture from here

I like girly drinks. Like those jelly drinks. And Sex on the beach, Strawberry daiquiri and so on. I do not drink alcohol very often but when we have girls night we go to bar and have fun. It's that innocent. :) I don't want to lose control, I don't like that feeling. And I can't drink much because it makes me feel sick. And throwing up is one of the things I truly hate.


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