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As some of you may know I'm addicted to music. I started piano lessons when I was 6 and learnt to play guitar when I was 14. My piano doesn't fit in my apartment so I have to settle for keyboard. It's not nearly as good as real piano but it does. My piano is Yamaha and I think it's te best. I've tried other pianos but they don't sound right. But you cannot argue about taste. :)

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I don't love only playing music but also listening to it. Nothing is more fun that listening to music in the car full of friends. I would love to do a roadtrip with my pals. We could have some summer mix cd and we could sing along and be crazy. Doesn't that sound just awesome?

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Last week I was writing a letter to my grandma. It was weird to write in Finnish. I'm so used to write only in English. :P My family thinks it's weird that I have more non-Finnish friends than Finnish friends. But what can I say? I went to international school after all. Many of my friends from school are from some other country. Sophie is half-French, Bastian is half-Spanish. I'm half something. I still don't know what nationality my dad is/was.

Oh, it's that late already! I was going to go running but I don't know if it's a good idea. Maybe if Bastian will come with me. I'll go to call him. Have a nice weekend!

Love & Rockets
Samantha May


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