Breakfast at Sophie's

Last night I fell asleep at 4 am after watching three movies. I woke up when Sophie called me at 8:15 am and I wasn't happy at all. She had huge fashion emergency so I had to leave my lovely bed and be there for her because she is there for me no matter when I need her. So I went over to her place and there were banana-chocolate pancakes and walnut syrup waiting for me. I have to admit they were delicious! Sophie said she felt so bad when she realised I had been sleeping. She's such a good bestie. <3

After I came back home I took Flow for a walk and then called Bastian. It felt like we hadn't seen each other in ages and I missed him so much. He was just about to go to the park to play soccer with his friends so I promised to go to watch them play. It was hilarious! Bastian is actually good at soccer but the other guys weren't.

Picture from here
I was going to write something smart but I forgot what it was. People who read this may think I'm just another dumb blond but actually I am not. I'm not shallow either.Hello, I read the Guardian and other newspapers. And I'm interested in politics and concerned of global warming and stuff. Although I don't write about them it doesn't mean I don't think about them. But anyway since I can't remember what I was going to write I'll go to buy crisps and continue my movie marathon!

Love & Rockets


Liv said...

Awww, what a cute doggy!
I want him. :D

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