How Fake Am I?


Extensions ( )
Dyed at least once (x)
Dyed it more than 5 times (x)
Use hairspray, hair gel etc. (x) [not daily]
Change hairstyle regularly ( )
Have layers, hair feathered etc. (x)
Straighten your hair (x) [not daily]
Blow dry your hair (x)
Lots of clips, hair bands etc. ( )

So far = 6


Foundation DARKER than your natural skin tone ( )
Foundation which matches your skin tone (x)
Mascara (x)
Eyeliner (x)
Blusher ( )
Bronzer ( )
Lip gloss, lip stick etc. (x)
Fake eyelashes ( )
Eyelash curlers (x)
About a million makeup bags and brushes ( )

So far = 11


A piercing (x)
More then one piercing (x)
Fake tan ( )
Have/had fake nails (x)
Eyebrows waxed/threaded..plucked? (x)
Have used a sun bed ( )
Have had a pedicure (x)
Have had a manicure (x)
Legs waxed (x)
Tattoos ( )

So far = 18


Worn/wear coloured contacts (x)
Worn/wear contact lenses (x)
Own fake designer stuff (x)
Follow the latest trends (x)
Look orange regularly ( )
Pretend your fake stuff is real ( )
Wear a lot of perfume ( )
Wear ‘flesh coloured’ tights so your legs look darker ( )
Wear a more then 5 pieces of jewellery at a time ( )
Most of your clothes have fake diamantes on them ( )

So far = 22

Have you:

Considered/had a boob job ( )
Considered/had lipo suction ( )
Wanted your lips to be fuller ( )
Considered/had botox ( )
Gone on a diet (x)
Gone to the gym (x)
Had your teeth bleached /whitened professionally ( )
Bleached/whitened your teeth at home (x)
Had work done on your teeth so they are perfect (x)
Had any plastic surgery ( )

So far= 26

Total= 26

Meaning I'm 52 % fake. Ha. Like I'd believe that.


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