The voice of summer

Sorry guys I haven't posted anything for so long time. I just haven't felt like writing. Shocking, I know! Usually I write 24/7 but maybe it's good to take a break every once in a while. I just wish a break would mean laying on the beach sunbathing but no, it means working. Double shifts. Kill me now! I love my job and don't mind the extra money but if I continue like this Im going to go nuts. That won't be pretty.

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So a lot has happened after my last post here. I travelled to Turkey with my mom and we spent there a lovely week sunbathing and relaxing. When we came back my best guy friend, Bastian, told me he LOVES me. And I confessed that I had had a crush on him for very long time. And I decided to go to college in London. Not only because Bastian goes to Birmingham but also because London is one of my favorite cities in the world. Although the weather could be more sunny and warm. But at least they have Starbucks! And Camden which is really cool place.

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I'm excited to move to UK but it's a bit scary too. I've never lived or spend more than a month abroad if you don't count my exchange year in US of America. Great times, great times. <3 At first I was going to choose on campus accomodation but then my aunt told she'll move to New York for at least a year and said I could live in her apartment I thought it would be better option. Why to waste money? It's not like I have too much money and could pour it down the drain. The tuition costs a lot so I'm happy that I don't have to pay rent.

I'd better publish this post before my laptop decides to delete it or do somehting else as annoying. Will post more soon!

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