Sleepless in Helsinki

No work today! And no more double-shifts, thank God. Past two weeks have been crazy. I've worked more than my boss (which isn't much btw) and I have barely had time to sleep. My bestie, Sophie, has been great support: She has spent hours drinking coffee and waiting for me to get home. Bastian as been the best bf ever with bringing me lunch and driving me to work when I was so tired I couldn't even drive. I love him for that. And for other reasons too, obviously. ;)

I'm trying to pack but it's hard to decide what to take with me. I'm allowed to take only 2 bags, both can weight up to 23 kg and then one smaller bag that can weight no more than 10 kg. But Bastian will drive through Sweden, Germany and France to England and he'll bring my lovely little dog when he comes. So I could do so that I take only the necessities with me and he'll bring the rest. Great idea, isn't it?

I'm going to watch some chick-flicks tonight and maybe also tomorrow. At least Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany's (my all-time fave, I love Audrey!!!), Pretty Woman, The Women and Whip It. I hope you all have nice week! I'll be back soon-ish, I promise.

Love & Rockets


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